Up, up and Away!

So, I leave tomorrow for an 18 hour flight to Hong Kong. Three hour layover, and then it’s off to Bangkok. Then we crash, and the following day we’re off to Laos for the first part of our trip to Vietnam & Cambodia.

I’m a bit terrified, frankly. I’m worried about leaving Kippy – the Golden Retriever. Like I said, if you’re a pet person, you understand. Kippy has a sensitive tummy and is bothered by the salt on the streets after a snow and it’s winter time… But, I’ve put him into the best hands I know, and chances are there won’t be anymore snow, or hardly any…

Of course, I left everything to the last minute. Why do I do that? But I’m all caught up now.

We were supposed to get this huge blizzard, turned out to be 6 inches of snow. I’m glad, because digging out of 20 plus inches takes a long time and I don’t want to be delayed in my departure.

The flight leaves at 1:00 AM. Yes, in the morning. Our car will pick us up at 9 PM. We’re checking our bags all the way through. Then its off to the promised land – or the first class lounge – to away boarding. Then, hopefully, sleep! 18 hours is a really long time to spend on a train.

I’m going to have to borrow my sister’s iPad if I want to blog, so… I might not write anything for a while.

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Down two pounds – who knew?

I published a post, found a spelling error, couldn’t figure out how to edit the post, deleted the post and am now to exhausted to retype the post.

I’m down 2.something pounds since last Monday. Yea.

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Down 2.something pounds. who knew?

Well, I got on my Not-Able-To-Cheat-the-System scaled today – logs my stats via blue tooth to my Fitbit profile, and I’m down 2.something pounds.  Yea.

I’ve sent my test results to the nutritionist and on Wednesday we’ll talk – on the phone, which, as it turns out, is a good thing because there’s a blizzard heading our way – and I’ll will learn how to adjust my calorie intake so that I can have beautiful lipid panel results effective April 16.  And, if I can adjust calorie intake so that I can loose a pound or two, so much the better!

Right now, everyone is busy buying a months worth of food, which, due to predicted power outages, might go bad.  In reality, in NYC, it’s just a few days for the roads to be plowed and life to continue pretty much SOP.  There might be slush at the street corners and on-street parking might be a trial, but life will be very much livable.  Why do people buy so much food?  Now, if this was MONTANA, and it might take a week for the roads to be cleared in the rural areas, yea, stocking up would be a good idea.  But this is not Montana.

I have, as usual, left packing to the last minute.  Thankfully, it takes me about 30 minutes to pack, regardless of the trip I’m taking.  But why do I habitually put myself through the stress of procrastination?  I’ve left a BUNCH of stuff to the last minute, and there’s no need to?  Why?

I have no one but myself to blame.

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Figuring out WordPress is….

Challenging.  But I’m going to stick with it.

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Hello world!

My plan for this blog is to post my daily goals from MyFitnessPal.  MFP also has it’s own blog thing, so that will smoosh in here as well.  I’m going on a trip to Cambodia /  Vietnam, so maybe I’ll post stuff from my trip.  My plan is to share my blog with a select few.

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